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Universal Spare Bulb Kit (H1 + H4 + H7)
Universal Spare Bulb Kit (H1 + H4 + H7)

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Drivers must be in a position to replace any blown exterior light.

European law deems that it is an offence to drive a motor vehicle on the Continent at any time if a headlight, side light or other lamp is not in good working order, and the driver is not in a position to replace any such blown running light on demand by a Police Officer.

It is no defence for the driver to say, I'm on my way to the garage”, or “I didn't know.” The offence has been committed, and the vehicle will not be allowed to proceed further until the bulb has been replaced, and the 'spot fine' paid in cash. The carrying of a spare bulb kit eliminates this situation.

Travel Spot’s comprehensive halogen bulb kit includes 12 bulbs and 6 fuses and fits the majority of vehicles. All items are 'locked' into an injection moulded plastic (NOT sponge) base.

Travel Spot’s Universal Bulb Kit will stay current even if you change your car as it contains the 3 most popular primary bulbs.

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