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Information about European motoring requirements and the potential consequences of not meeting them.


The basic legal framework of European road traffic law stems from a number of Road Traffic Conventions to which all central European countries are signatories. Over the years since ratification, a plethora of rules and regulations have flowed from the individual European countries, including the UK.

However, each Country still retains its own legal system, laws and regulations some of which are more unique than others, both in content and interpretation, and in regional and local enforcement.

In consequence, the position of the UK motorist driving on the European Continent can be a veritable minefield of problems, particularly regarding the carrying of motoring accessories such as those relating to emergency and breakdown equipment which are required by law.

Insurance Policies

Somewhere, in the small print of most Motor Insurance Policies, is a statement to the effect that it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle complies with the law and is roadworthy for the Country he intends to visit. Failure to discharge this responsibility could result in the Company repudiating liability under the Policy.

Failure to Comply

In the event of prosecution and conviction for failure to comply with the legal requirements, the courts in all EU countries have wide powers to impose swingeing penalties, and the arresting officers have extensive powers to impose 'on the spot fines'.

On the Spot Fines

The moment these are demanded, they have to be paid in cash, in the local currency, to the arresting officer, can typically be 60 – 700 Euros. Credit cards or travellers cheques are not accepted, and in some countries inability to pay risks impounding your vehicle until the fine is paid.

New French Laws

Alcohol Breathalysers

From 1st July 2012 all motorists in France will need to carry a twin pack of disposable breathalysers

French Government confirms:
From March 2013, all vehicles travelling in France MUST, by law, be carrying NF Approved Breathalysers. These will need to be approved for use in France and specifically calibrated to the 0.5% French alcohol limit (UK limit is 0.8%).

Warning Triange & Hi-Vis Vests

Motoring LAW in France and many other European Countries now requires all vehicles to carry a Warning Triangle and a Reflective Vest.
Motoring LAW in France and many other European Countries now requires all vehicles to carry a Warning Triangle and a Reflective Vest. It is strongly recommended to carry vests for all vehicle occupants, as is LAW in Spain, where TWO triangles are also required.

The French Société Prévention Routière (Road Safety Department) strongly advise carrying reflective vests for ALL vehicle occupants.