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In today’s frantic world, how often do you find other motorists ‘cutting up’ a Funeral procession you are part of?

Our Magnetic Funeral Plaque has been sensitively designed for your loved ones final journey.

It clearly, but sympathetically, indicates to other road users that your vehicle is part of a Cortege and this benefits everybody concerned:
Magnetic Funeral Plaque
Magnetic Funeral Plaque

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  • Ensures other drivers show due respect on the deceased’s final journey
  • Helps to keep your Cortege together as a single convoy of vehicles
  • Helps prevent mourners unfamiliar with the area from getting separated or lost
  • Quality Magnetic plaque, does not damage paintwork and offers re-usability for you and your Funeral party
  • Sensitive design reinforces your compassionate nature
  • Saves other motorists from the embarrassment of overtaking slow moving Cortege vehicles only to then find a Hearse in front of them!
  • The sensitively designed funeral plaque helps to prevent additional stress on what is already an emotional day.

    Whilst designed to fit on the driver’s side corner of your boot or tailgate, where it will be most visible to other road users, additional plaques may be added to the bonnet and/or doors of the vehicle if desired.

    Trade enquires welcome.
    Design-Right Protected.
    Magnetic Funeral Plaque Fitted to Vehicles
    Magnetic Funeral Plaque Fitted to Vehicles

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